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Arthur Conforti, President of Bloomerang Solutions, has over 30 years retailing experience as owner of Beneva Flowers and Gifts in Sarasota, FL.  

Conforti purchased the flower shop from his parents in 1982 and the business grossed $350,000 a year. After introducing new technology and marketing strategies in 1996, the shop was at $1.7 million a year and grew to $5 million a year when he sold it in 2015 (floral industry average is $200,000-$350,000 a year).

When he acquired Beneva Flowers, there were 34 flower shops in Sarasota, FL and there were only 8 remaining in 1998. Beneva Flowers was ranked top 15 out of 36,000 members by Teleflora and had 52 employees.



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