Google My Business

This is a free tool to allow businesses to manage their online presence across the Google platform. This is becoming and already considered an online directory and social media profile as well.

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Owners create and claim ownership of their listing on Google My Business listing and populate with vital information such as hours, location & photos.

Like social media platforms, business owners can publish posts to their GMB (Google my Business) similar to a social media experience. What is most important is discipline and consistency. You don't want to go off track into personal matters and opinions if you are using this to compliment your business.

These listings are the first point of reference in NAP verification. (Name address and Phone number.)

There is very little you can't do these days yourself on the internet, it's a decision you need to make based on where you want to spend your time and your expertise. This is a very powerful tool and the best ways to maximize it is as unique as those working on running the application.

Personally, I know most anyone could change the oil in their car, but is it worth your time when it can be done professionally along with a checkup at a time when you probably need an experienced overview. That is making it sound much easier than it is, but times, like structuring your listing correctly and tagging images, posting reviews and earning more reviews, are all just a few ways to maximize your listings. This and much more is what we specialize at Bloomerang Solutions and we are based here in Sarasota, Fl.

Are you already online? Check your listings here and be sure your information is published and correct. While you can go into each one and update them yourself, chances are, natural web updates may revert the listing. We have this covered for every Bloomerang Client. Give us a call if you have any questions. We are always happy to help!