As a Yelp partner, we can tell you that the intention of Yelp is a good one, however, can be misunderstood. It's important to understand the following;

Reviews cannot be manipulated or removed by anyone BUT THE PERSON who posted it.

IN order to accomplish this, we recommend you contact an upset customer as soon as possible after they submit the post. Our services monitor your reviews daily.

Yelp rates it's users who post.

Depending on their history is how Yelp allows posts to appear. This is one of an area of concern many have trouble understanding. Inappropriate posts can be reported to Yelp and they do take that very seriously.

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This is Sue Ellens, who doesn't advertise and Beneva is actually listed on HER WEBSITE!

When you don’t control your own Yelp Listing, Yelp will run your competitors ads on your page. This is why it is so important to control your listing. Here at Bloomerang, we can help!

Does it work? Well, how does a total of 26% sound? Most over the phone. See for yourself.

Here are Beneva's results from a few years ago using a tracking phone you can see the value.

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