Bloomerang Solutions aims to help Professional and Retail Services to find their place in this digital space. 

Lead by Art Conforti, we have 30+ years in the floral industry, and we know exactly how to help you attract your customers through your online reputation, website, and social presence.


We Measure

We're a results-driven company, just like you. That's why we provide you with detailed reports on your Pay-Per-Click campaigns and give you access to custom dashboards that allow you to check how your listings on search engines are performing, and how your social channels are generating leads and loyal clients for you.


We Design

And we don't just mean websites. We design entire strategies that are customized exclusively for your shop and apply them through a variety of different channels to ensure that all your bases are covered. No two shops are the same, so cookie-cutter marketing strategies are ineffective.


We Manage

Founder Art Conforti has been active in the floral industry since 1986, and he didn't become one of the industry's top performers by taking a passive approach to managing his business. Instead, he tackles industry challenges head-on while constantly looking for ways to innovate and evolve.


Can your customer find you?

Today, 4 in 5 consumers search for local businesses online. When consumers find incorrect information about a business online, 73% lose trust in that business. Why is so much information incorrect? Because there‚Äôs no permanent record or single source of location data online. This is a pretty big problem - but don't worry. we can help you solve it by locking your listings.


Your Social Media defines how your audience interacts with you.


We specialize in building a very engaged audience, and interacting with you. From shareable content to branded images, creating a face for your shop on social media has never been easier. We're partners with one of the most powerful names in social media management, and lead by industry professionals with years of experience under our belt.


We make beautiful, searchable, mobile-ready websites.


It's the face of your digital business, and it needs to be as professional as you are. We know this sort of thing can be daunting, but we've got your back. 


Chat directly from your site

Adding a live chat feature keeps you in contact with anyone browsing your site. 

If they have a question, you can answer it immediately.

Capture your customer's data

We specialize in helping get the most information about your customer. By tracking how they got to your site, we help give you a clearer picture about what is working on your site, and what isn't.

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