What’s the Difference Between Surveys and Reviews?

The difference between surveys and reviews is that surveys speak to you - the business owner - from the customer. We attach a coupon to our surveys and it's usually the most redeemed coupon because it targets our own customers and the responses inform us what we can do to improve their experience.

Reviews, on the other hand, allow your customers to speak to the world about their individual experience with your company.

The Bloomerang difference?

None of your clients have to select or login to any website or search engine, like Yelp or Google to leave a review.

Once they leave the review, we monitor and push it to the web within a few days. Our Google-certified software allows companies getting reviews to be rewarded online with gold stars in their organic local listings. The more reviews they get, the better they rank for SEO.

If shops get a bad review, we cannot remove it, but we will notify you to reach out to your customer to discuss what happened OR we will do it for you!

This program is guaranteed. Anyone that runs a homemade program and does not allow negative reviews to be published is not using an approved system and cannot get the gold stars.

Organic listings are FREE, and cannot be manipulated. Only a Google-certified program can achieve the gold star rankings.

Now you know the difference between surveys and reviews.

Reviews make it easy for businesses to stand out with five key features:

Review Monitoring: Monitor all of the location reviews from customers — including those on third-party sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp — in one place. Automated notifications alert businesses to new reviews as they appear.

Review Generation: Encourage real customers to submit reviews based on actual visits and experiences. Leverage email, SMS, receipts, and five other channels to leverage in search.

Review Balancing: Bloomerang’s review balancing algorithm dynamically chooses the most impactful site to direct customers to ensure an even distribution.

Review Publication: Publish the reviews you generate to your business website or app with pre-optimized Schema.org widgets so stars appear in your organic search results.

Review Response: Respond to reviews where needed. With workflows and approval settings, local managers can respond to reviews for locations they manage.

Review Insights: Analyze review trends and changes over time so you can remedy issues as they arise–and reward loyal customers as you so choose.

How often do you talk to your customers to find out what they think? It’s simple with surveys from Bloomerang Solutions. We can help you customize surveys for you shop that will tell you everything you’ve always wanted to know (but never asked). Best of all, we can get this up and running on your site by the end of the week. Take the guess work out of customer service with surveys from Bloomerang Solutions. Give us a call at (941) 806-1911 or drop us a line here for more information.