Last Minute Marketing for Administrative Professional’s Day

The big Easter weekend is upon us, but there won’t be much time to rest because Administrative Professionals’ Day takes place just three days later on Wednesday, April 24. If you haven’t had a chance to promote this holiday there is still time. Here are few last minute marketing tips to ensure this week is a success.

  1. Send out a reminder email: According to Express Pigeon’s blog, 91% of modern consumers check their email at least once a day and emailing is the most popular activity for smartphone users.

  2. Post reminders to your social media sites: Create a fun image reminding your fans that this week is Administrative Professional’s week then encourage them to “Post, Pin, or Tweet” the image.  Be sure to boost your posts on Facebook so they will be seen by “non-fans” in your area.

  3. Be present: Guerrilla marketing is still alive and well. Do something unexpected like offering corsages to customer service reps at stores close to your shop with a gift card to redeem later. As they wear the corsages throughout the day they will share with their customers where they got it.

  4. Offer a surprise to the recipient: The value of this holiday really comes from the recipient because this person is most likely the one ordering flowers for the company for the rest of the year. Consider adding a little extra gift for the like a gift card they must redeem in your store.

We’ve always said Administrative Professional’s Week is like a mini Valentine’s Day, but with long term benefits, so get out there and have some fun promoting your shop this week!

Did you try one or more of these tactics? Let us know the results by commenting below.