Winning at Google Marketing Requires 4 Simple Steps

Google marketing is one of the most effective advertising platforms in the world. If you’re not utilizing it to help your business grow, now is the time to start! It may sound complicated, but you will be successful if you follow these four steps:

Step 1: Define your goals

Structure your campaign. By setting up your account according to what you are looking to achieve, you will be able to measure your success by the hour. By targeting geographic areas most important to your business, you won't waste your budget on irrelevant search terms. For example, we promote Sunset Cruises in the Sarasota area. Many people have asked "how in the world did we attract all this traffic?” We simply targeted exactly what we were looking for from the local area. Had we not defined our parameters, we could have lost a lot of ad budget to search looking for sunset cruises elsewhere.

If we build it, they will come. In the eyes of your customers, your website is the heart of your company. It should not only be functional and easy to use, but it should help you produce the results you desire. That’s why we build websites with results in mind and structure them to maximize SEM and SEO considerations. It's important that clients and potential clients find it easy to use and navigate with search marketing and optimization. You want pages written and indexed with search results in mind. This increases the likelihood of being found online and appearing when being searched - those are the two most important considerations.

Step 2: Determine what you need to achieve those goals

Create a benchmark. Setting benchmarks and understanding what you are looking to achieve is the first step toward measuring results. I have found a lot of success in law, retail, and health, and the one thing I’ve learned is that it's not as much about the cost as it is about the acquisition. Other than retail or online sales, you can only measure the success by what it is you wish to accomplish and for that it is important to use forms to capture leads and/or tracking phone numbers to ensure you received the calls you desire.

Know your online ads are working. With online sales, we set you up with and tracking URL from Google that is placed on the receipt page on your website. Since you can only reach this page by completing a sale, you can rest assured the results are accurate. Google knows where the transaction came from, the receipt page only appears when the transaction has been completed!

Step 3: Set yourself apart from your competition

We GUARANTEE results. Unlike other companies who over-promise and under-deliver, our focus is on our customers - if you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. That’s why don’t like 12-month contracts or complicated language and prefer simple, concise directions and steps to help you achieve success. If we can't accomplish what you need, we will tell you in the beginning. If for any reason you are not happy with our results you can terminate the contract with a 30-day notice.

Step 4: A winning formula

Google Adwords + Google My Business + Bloomerang Solutions

It's our responsibility to monitor your position, ad spend and conversions by targeting devices that are specific to your customers. Our unique approach to the connectivity to Google My Business and your marketing strategy will get you a lower cost per order when you have a higher quality score and when you always add content according to your strategy. While your competition is just adding keywords and this and that trying to keep up with you, the discipline and plan created for you will be the difference when it comes to actual results.

Bloomerang Solutions is your one-stop-shop for all your online marketing needs. From custom websites to targeted marketing and reputation management, we will position you exactly where your customers are looking. I am available anytime, so go ahead, give me a call at (941) 809-5000. I can’t wait to speak with you and start building your strategy.