Innovators of Tracking: The Bloomerang Difference

If you think you’re noticing more advertising on Facebook, you’re right. Facebook has enjoyed a 200-300% increase in advertisers from 2016-2017 compared to just a 1.5% growth of new users. What does this mean for advertisers? Competition is skyrocketing and it's getting harder than ever to convert transactions.

However, in most cases, all retailers want (and need) is solid analytics so they can confidently measure the phoned in orders from JUST THOSE regular paid ads.

In other words, if you clicked on an ad, not only would the tracking code register the click and the transaction along with the amount, but it could now measure the actual phone call and change the phone number ON YOUR WEBSITE to follow the user who clicked over from the paid ad and measure the ad result as well that the agent actually clicked the START ORDER button to begin taking the order.

Now when the order is completed you can measure how many people ordered over the phone. When the order has completed the program aligns the call with the ad link from Google or anyone else that you wanted to measure results from ads you were paying to use.                                      

Within the Past 10 Years

As common as online shopping is today, it wasn’t long ago that people were skeptical completing orders online. Just 10 years ago, 4-5 orders were called in to every order placed on the online websites.

Well, think about it, when my competition was measuring (just the online orders using tracking codes that everyone was offering to measure), they would reach their ad budget and STOP thinking they reach the most they could afford because they had NO mine and in most cases left mine running.

Today, an avg of 2-3 orders are placed over the phone to every order placed over the websites. The equation has changed as more people are confident ordering online yet many still prefer to pick up the phone and call.

The new numbers (based on these kinds of measurements and more) show that two to three orders are now ordered over the phone per every order placed on the actual website. This is a HUGE value given to running Pay Per Click ads.

For those who truly know how to build profitable ads in Pay Per Click settings, can measure and I like to use a 2-1 ratio because I know that no matter what I show for a result, it is even better since the reposts show it's really 2-3 to 1. No longer do clients have to guess if they have the right people working for them.

I recommend outsourcing digital ads to those who understand tracking and phone tracking as well as understanding how to align the resulting ads to expenses.

The very first rule is, if your sales are not up or credit card sales are not up then the very first place you need to look is whoever you hired to run your online ads. There should always be an answer. Remember, the results are changing daily, and the platform is changing daily so the marketers have their hands full.

It may require a little time to explain their strategy to you, but they should have a grip on it and explain what is going on and why. For example, just look at companies like Yellow

I used to say forever, anyone going to an online directory to shop is most likely looking for a phone number - that is why they think directory. That just looking for a company or a website to browse usually use Google to guide them, not the directory.

Back in the years past, I was using Floral Prodigy to show what I needed to know so I was able to remain profitable and most importantly, when and when not to pull ads.

I still use these formulas to this day to measure results and accelerate based on a combines result of phone transactions and conversions. To keep it simple, I am able to just use Google to show my client the results. Take a look and see for yourself:

 Yelp (Directory) then Google (Web Search) so you can see the difference.

Are you tracking all your customers through your website or on social media? If not, now is the time to start. Bloomerang Solutions can help you increase conversions and save money by customizing your marketing campaigns. Give us a call today at (941) 806-1911 and let us know how we can help your business bloom!