Make the Choice to Stop Holding Yourself Back

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to not have any competition? You could just open your doors every morning and wait for customers to start rolling through. Unfortunately, you do have competition – and lots of it. Yet many shops are still just sitting back and waiting!

The way I see it, we as business owners have two choices:

  1. You can either wait for customers, hoping they find you or:

  2. You can figure out where your customers are going and BE THERE with a reason to buy from you!

You see, today 1-800-Flowers has set the bar for retailing in the floral industry. In my opinion, they do it best because they partner with name brands while building and using cutting-edge technology to connect with their customers.

Let’s face it, if there is a way to reach out and touch a customer or potential customer, 1-800-Flowers are doing it. Like them or not, you can’t overlook the experience – it’s all there.

So many consumers are let down and we as retail florists know that. When you fill their order and do it as well as you are capable of (which you should), you make their brand better. So the question is this…


There are no more excuses. Boomerang Solutions has EVERYTHING you need and can put you in touch with everything necessary to go out and get the business for yourself.

Here is a recent testimonial we received from Don Hotton of Jory’s in California:

“I fill a lot of orders and am happy to do so, but when I look around and see everywhere the big senders are, I realized I was not. I reached out to Art and the Boomerang team and next thing I know is my credit card and online transactions are growing along with profitability.”

We have many of those stories and I am personally glad to hear this. Just like you, I was getting frustrated over 10 years ago and realized, ‘if they could do it, so could I.’ I created a company called Beneva Solutions which has evolved into Boomerang Solutions.

Why the name change? The simple answer is retention. We focus so much on keeping customers coming back that we needed a better identity than one that was primarily known for just growing and getting orders. Our renewed focus is to keep your customers coming back, and we feel this new identity better reflects our service to our clients. From Pay-Per-Click to Surveys; you must measure all that you do especially when you invest in systems like we offer.

I’ll share a funny story with you before cutting this short…

A florist once came up to me and said they would like to try my services. They told me they only spend $20 a day on Pay-Per-Click advertising. The also said the person they currently used to help them ensured that they won’t let them spend more by turning them off when they reach their limit. I can’t help but laugh, though at the same time I feel sad.

I’ll explain. PPC is not like a traditional newspaper ad where you see it while reading the paper. You see, people searching to make a purchase are looking for YOU. It’s my job to get you front and center affordably. So if someone is looking to make a purchase, wouldn’t you want to be there, and if you are, shouldn’t you expect sales?

Think about it like this…

If your ad is costing you $20 and it gets turned off, why would you ever even turn it on? On the other hand, if your $20 ads brought you $80-100 worth of sales, why would you ever turn it off?

There is a very good reason why our slogan is “The Digital Advantage.” Call us anytime, we love sharing with others how we can help you take this industry back one order at a time. Boomerang Solutions helps you make it easy for your customers to shop LOCAL and shop with YOU!