Are You Where You Want to Be? The Choice Is Yours, Choose Your Path Today

Don't let another day go by if you are not where you want to be. Think and act like the person you want to become and turn decision making into a habit!

In retail as well as and many industries, there are three types of entrepreneurs:

  • The “experts” who have done it, understand the path and chose where and how they want to play.

  • The “watchers” who go about business everyday, do a great job and go home at 6.

  • The “PDE” (passion-driven entrepreneurs) are the most dangerous to competition, the Keyword, PASSION.

When someone has drive, lookout. Those are the clients I look for. That was me. I meet those looking to take on and conquer their market, whatever industry they are. You can't measure or read about passion. It is the fuel that runs the engine of your mind and ability. Get on the wavelength of where you want to go, now drive your passion. Hope you like this: