Avoid These Two Common Mistakes on $20 Tuesdays

If you’re like most florists I know, then many of your flowers arrive by Monday and are processed and in water by end of the day. Next you have Tuesday, that slug in the week! Unfortunately, Tuesdays fall a little too early for the weekend wedding plans unless you are gathering hard goods. But, do we know how many flowers we will use? We usually never do.

That is one of the main reasons why I believe that $20 Tuesday promotions are outstanding money makers for local florists.

The idea behind $20 Tuesday is to show value. It may not necessarily a big profit generator, but it is certainly a value reminder. When people see they can get flowers delivered on a Tuesday, the thoughts for reasons why people need them expand. It also doesn’t hurt that you’re creating transactions you would have never had on a day where you still have staff on the clock that needs to be paid.

I have always recommended having a running $20 Tuesday promotion because I know the value is there, but there are a couple of important things to remember if you want to run a similar promotion.

Avoid These $20 Tuesday Mistakes

  1. Never indicate a certain flower. Unless you got a special buy or you needed to order a lot of a certain type of flower for a wedding, do not limit yourself because you may end up in trouble if your promotion is popular, and that could end up costing you big. Instead, use up your extras in your $20 Tuesday promotions and clean out your coolers. In fact, even if you do have some premium flowers that you need to move, it's still best not to promise certain flowers and let people be surprised with some signature flowers like peonies, sunflowers, or other favorites.

  2. Never allow people to order this deal on any given day. You need to be very clear that this promotion is only valid on Tuesdays. Build the excitement and attract the value hunters; they need to know they got a great deal. Your specials will quickly lose value if you saturate the effort by offering it too often.

Promotions like $20 Tuesday have done wonders for many florists across the country. It now makes people see you as an affordable choice and that always leads to bigger and better things. Transactions are - and will always be - the key to kelp you move forward.

If you aren’t currently running a promotion like $20 Tuesday, we can help get everything set up for you. I did it for over 30 years when I ran my shop and it was always a popular promotion. This is the difference between a marketing agency and a retail florist working as an agency for florists - we know the ‘what’s’ and 'why's’. Give me a call anytime at (941) 806-1911 or leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to help you get started.