Shopping for Father’s Day...At a Flower Shop?

Since flowers aren’t usually the first idea that comes to mind when people are looking for Father’s Day gift ideas, your shop may easily get overlooked if you aren’t marketing correctly. But that doesn’t mean you should pass up this excellent opportunity to ring up a few more sales.

Normally you want customers to think of you when they think of flowers, but how many of them will remember that you have plants and gift items as well?

Even though many shops have the word “gifts” in their name, it’s easy for the non-floral offerings to get overlooked by customers – especially if the items aren’t prominently displayed in the store or on the website.

Shopping for dad isn’t always easy, but you can help inspire your customers with some fun and unique gifts ideas that can’t be found anywhere else - and best of deliver!

Gift baskets

Now is the perfect time to showcase your gift baskets. In addition to the pre-made baskets, you normally carry, be sure your customers know that you’re able to create custom baskets especially for them at whatever price point they desire. Don’t forget to promote any unique or locally-made goods included in the basket that make it exclusive to your store. If you don’t already have gift baskets available, it is easy to create them around almost any theme you can imagine.



Father’s Day is also an excellent time to feature your selection of plants. Plants are almost always a safe choice for Father’s Day thanks to their simple care and hearty nature. Plants make fantastic gifts that come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to fit nearly anyone’s budget. If you have them off by themselves in a separate section of your store, make sure to have plenty on display in high-traffic areas.


Offering other suggestions

Cut flowers may not be big sellers for you on Father’s Day, but with the right marketing approach, you can assist your customers with some unique and unusual items they may not have even known you had available. Make sure your customers are aware of ALL the options you have for them and be sure to suggest add-ons to make this Father’s Day gift one-of-a-kind.

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