SEO and Your Car: The True Art of Optimizing Your Web Presence

When it comes to online marketing, the term “SEO” gets thrown around quite a bit. Most people know that it stands for Search Engine Optimization but few people really know its purpose, or how to properly utilize it to their advantage.

Simply put, SEO is the process for increasing the quality and quantity of traffic that visits your site through organic search engine results.

Defining it is the easy part but explaining it and executing it correctly are a bit more difficult. The best analogy I have is comparing SEO to your car.

In order for your car to run properly, you need cooperation and coordination between numerous different elements. You need the tires, the brakes, the engine, the exhaust system, the lights, and everything else working together in order for your car to perform properly. If they don’t, your car won’t run and you’re stuck with a bunch of parts.

When someone says they can help grow your business and improve your SEO, be prepared for a long sit-down conversation. It’s more than just POINT, CLICK, RESULT. Every step to create the experience must be addressed. I’ll explain…

You see, once you created a website, I hope you complimented your brand. If your business brand is high-end and elegant, that is a tall order you must consider with every build in your website and the overall look. Once your website is complete, you now need to create interest and open the back door to your business or practice - that means, getting to know the team and learning the company culture. The Facebook page should be the behind-the-scenes look at the business/practice, the people, and the more personal side of the company.

You must remember, everything you post reflects your brand. This is where your agency comes in. It’s our job to keep your posts in-line and straight-up with your brand and develop posts that complement your brand as well.

Running parallel with your social and website efforts should be your attention to your Google My Business. Don’t underestimate the power of Google my Business which also DOMINATES Google map results. Are you still with me? Welcome to SEO, we are not done yet…

Now the PPC

Pay Per Click marketing is the fuel for your tank. Look at the natural growth like solar panels, now gas is immediate POP, energy, FUEL. Now you are ready to move.

Okay, let’s now disconnect form the automobile comparison…

You see the parts and by now you should be able to understand that it’s important that all these verticals are synced. If (and when) they are, when you apply Google advertising you compete with a QUALITY SCORE. If your pages on your website are correctly optimized when you connect Pay Per Click from Google and/or Bing, they will lead people to the content being searched. If the content is laid out well and informative speaking to the searched term, you will see a favorable QS (Quality Score) and that will lower your cost per click.

I hope this made it clear.

Next steps….

Hire a company that can understand and explain SEO to you like this. Don’t show them the directions (I like to think of this as the directions) no one will argue but most will say, “of course.” How can they not?

A lot of frustration I experience is when I see hard working individuals or well-established business owners and/or anyone looking to improve their online presence come across a young, fast-talking individual who uses these terms with very little understanding the connectivity needed to make it all work together. They talk about all the pieces (parts) with little knowledge of the necessary values you need to understand when building this solution.

The reality is, SEO is a ongoing process you must maintain like you would anything else that is growing, or developing. You maintain your body as well as your car and/or your home against the elements. When you do, you have a result that reflects the efforts you put forth.

By now you know my name, having over 20 years experience using Google every single day in one way or another, I can tell you I have watched the evolution from impression-based listings (in the very beginning) which evolved into the Pay Per Click model that has trumped it all.

In 2004, many people were just starting to realize search was real and they got very excited when they saw themselves rank naturally (organically) and quickly came to the realization they don’t need to pay for ads because they already show up at the top.

I stated and was questioned by all, ”Pay Per click will be the future. You will PAY TO PLAY.” I was met with resistance. Keep in mind, the first iphone wasn’t till 2007. Yes, how quickly we developed. Just around the corner was the phone, then maps, then location services and now Google Adwords hardly look like ads anymore. As a matter of fact, with Google extensions and snippets you can control EXACTLY what your client will see. Unlike organic where you can only hope in many cases, what is displayed.

So here we are today. Are you ready to take the wheel? Are you ready to keep developing strategies to keep up with the evolution of technology? Are you able to do that AND run your business?

Remember the Yellow Pages? Most people shifted their marketing dollars to online agencies to manage for them using online opportunities. At Bloomerang, we don’t just focus on the web promotions, we like to connect with your store front, your office and whatever else you do. We use discovery hours to learn your business and develop an executable plan that will work for you. Have any questions? Call me or leave a comment below - I am happy to elaborate anytime.