Understanding the "Magic" of Advertising with Google

The ability to understand how the “magic” of Google works sometimes feels like just that – magic. In fact, magic is probably the best way to explain Google. Magic is an illusion of a demonstration created to confuse and fool you.

But although it may seem confusing, there is no magic in the achieved end result. On the contrary, there were specific steps followed or created to create a resolution that leads to an accurate result. The formula is what we all strive to understand, and knowing that the formula is created by the content being accurate and honest is the key to favorable results.

Ad Rank-Why does one listing show ahead of another?

There are several factors of how and why your ads show up when the words you selected have been searched – it’s not as simple as higher bidding. In some cases, by having a well-planned strategy and the proper use of the tools Google offers – like extensions, call outs, snippets and more – you could rank higher and pay less than your competition who may merely be willing to just pay more to get your spot.

With Google, the computer-generated algorithm is created to ensure the very best targeted search result is delivered to the person searching. It’s up to us, the marketers and business operators, to understand and use the tools in a way which is not so confusing, but understandable so we can also be considered.

Google has the same challenge you do – being the trusted source

Google is faced with everyday challenges too. Their goal is not to confuse and make it hard, but rather to ensure that great results and displays always appear. Google needs to be clear and fast for users to use and get the results they desire. So sometimes your extensions may not all appear, but some will. Your gold stars will do the same.

At Bloomerang Solutions, we constantly study the best practices that make sense for Google to value our ads and reward us with the most impressions possible. Now once the customer clicks, they’re being tracked – from click-throughs and orders to possible broken links or incorrect results – this can hurt you.

Do you display your ad words using broad match, exact, or modified? You should know and understand this if you want to get the ultimate reward from Google and that is a high-quality score. This can be measured by actual keywords.

This is the reason Google is growing to be more and more challenging. Google (just like every retailer and client) also wants to deliver the best results. The more consistent and accurate they are, the more you will use and trust them. We’re all in the same game – earn trust and be rewarded. I hope this helps you understand the landscape a little better.


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