Do You Have Harmony in Your Workplace?

Harmony is the key ingredient to reach profitability. Does your business embrace it?

In retail floral sales, the key is to sell what you have. That's why communication between the sales team and design team is paramount.

One simple but effective strategy is to identify which products you have available on your website so that you can suggest those items when your customers ask what "specials" you have today.

It is also a great idea to suggest items which you have the ingredients to make or have already made for your cooler. Since those items are already designed, you can explain that the delivery could occur much sooner if a customer chooses a product you already have designed versus something you have to custom design. That could make a huge difference if time is a factor (and it usually is) and it also helps you move inventory

Every profession I work with has ways to create Harmony between departments that usually are not happening until this issue is identified. Do you have harmony in your workplace?